This web site is placed here in order for me to acquire an SSL certificate for the FTP folder that I use for images for my eBay auctions.

This web site has nothing to do with Hewlett Packard or any organization that has any of these letters or numbers in its name.


Written on 1-19-20. The domain does come up in browsers, sometimes with the message: “This domain is already registered. This domain is now registered with 1&1 IONOS and is now accessible online. If you are the domain owner, why not log in and manage your domain?”

I vaguely recall that at the time I wrote the first two paragraphs, maybe in early 2018, I had indeed put up on the internet the words you see in those two paragraphs. However, it seems that they have since been replaced by this nagging message  from 1&1 IONOS.

On this date (1-19-20), I’m not “managing” the domain in the  way I have been asked to. As I say above, the domain exists to be an FTP site for files used by eBay auctions.

But on other occasions, “” in a browser brings up
 “This domain name has just been registered.
Why is this page displayed?”

Well, this domain has been registered for at least 10 years!

And when I click “Why is this page displayed?” I get the page with the suggestion that I log in and manage.

But more annoying, perhaps, is that the “Why is” page has links to advertisements.

I am certain that for a long time, the pages you see here in NOF were at one time displayed. In fact, it bothered me somewhat that the sales offer still was displayed months (years?) after the record cabinet was sold. However, during that time, I never got around to changing things.

It appears that 1&1 IONOS has become aware of the staleness of the web site, but there’s really no compelling reason to fill out the domain name with a web page.

I do not know whether the Publish Site settings will function to update the 1&1 page to what you see here. I’m guessing that they will function.

Really, though, I suppose something should be put up.

Update on 1-31-21. So I visit this domain again, and I get the same kind of crap I had last year -- ads for stuff! I go to my Ionos account and click a bunch of stuff, and then I find this file, and then I put it directly into my ssmhp91301 stuff, and by and by, this comes back.

So, for the moment, things aren't quite such a mess. And my images in the ftp folder still show in my eBay auctions. (There were scary moments when they did not show.)